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Credit and financial related products have been a huge success with consumers on the Internet. Consumers can go on line to apply for a credit card, get a car loan or apply for a mortgage. Business merchants can apply for merchant accounts, business funding and cash advances to fund their business. Below are today's latest news articles related to credit and financial related products and services.

Top 5 Credit News Articles

You better watch out — offers for 'letter to Santa' may be scam

December 05,2016 11:49 AM
In the worst case scenario, you just shared your credit card information with scammers, who can now use it for identity theft. In another version of this ...

Should You Get a Store Credit Card? It's Tempting

December 05,2016 11:16 AM
Store credit cards aren't all bad. In fact, they can come with some nice benefits. As we see it, there are four major pros for getting a store credit card.

4 Great Credit Cards if You're Starting a Business

December 05,2016 11:05 AM
Businesses elect to use credit cards for a number of different reasons. To start, they can be an easy way to establish cash flow during the early years.

Watch Out: Your Website Might Be Encouraging Credit Card Fraud

December 05,2016 10:55 AM
The bare minimum of information a merchant may require is a credit card number and expiration date. Merchants can also ask for the CVV2 number ...

Malaysia Cards and Payments Market - Development, Growth & Forecasts to 2020 - Research and ...

December 05,2016 10:41 AM
Credit cards are primarily used by consumers at POS terminals for retail purchases, rather than for cash withdrawals at ATMs. In 2014, transactions at ...